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Lever Systems In Biomechanics - 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class ...

A lever system comprises a rigid bar that moves on a fixed point called the fulcrum when a force is applied to it.

Lever | Human Anatomy

A class 1 lever has the fulcrum in the middle and the load and effort on either end.

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One of the most commonly used examples of first-class levers in human anatomy is the skull as it sits atop the first vertebra (the atlas)

Lever systems

The Activity: This resource comprises of four tasks covering the following: • Task 1 and 2 - Movement analysis – Lever ...

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Incline plane lever Screw pully Wedge Wheel & axel.

Class Lever - Rube Goldberg

A third-class lever has the input force in between the output force and the fulcrum.